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If you have visited one of the many Jack in the Box locations recently, then its likely that you have something to say about it. Your Candid feedback regarding your last visit is important to us and others who have visited recently as well. Where your fries cold? How friendly was the Staff? Was the restaurant that you visited clean, both inside and out? How were the bathrooms? These are just a few comments that typically concern customers and fans of the great Jack in the Box.

Let other patrons as well as us know about how you feel concerning your local restaurant.  Known for the Sourdough Jack, but serving all kinds of chicken sandwiches, burgers, salads, fries, shakes, drinks and desserts Jack does truley make just about everything needed to please almost any palate.


The reviews left below is a compilation of both good and bad experiences that fans have posted so that everyone can read and compare the simple to the big things that may need attention, either just locally or at all franchise locations. We are all fans and just want the best when it comes to our meals. As a group we hope that the thoughts made public will help to bring about change were needed, but at the same time will show prase where needed. Reviews, feedback and opinions are not always negative. In fact over the course of time we have seen that more positive than negative feedback seems to be left.

If someone goes out of their way to show you attention on your last visit, make sure to let us know about it! Was the store extra clean, bathroom stocked and friendly service backed by hot food? Then tell all Jack in the Box fans about your awesome experience. We look forward to your comments and hope that you are able to come back often with updates and fresh thoughts.

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